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Home Health Aide - Putting an End to Eldercare Worries

Let’s admit. How many times in this fast paced, dog eat dog, career building exercise that devours two to three decades of our life, has made us feel guilty of not caring for our loved ones? Countless. Add to that the hard work of finding a perfect match between the home health aide and our elders is humongous. A certain Cathy from Miami Beach, Florida wrote on a testimonial about the stressful time she had to find a home health aide that her father could adjust with. It is a true story. However, we believe that when it comes to taking care of your loved ones should not be an arduous task. Therefore this guide will help you understand what to expect from a Home Health Aide service and how to find the perfect match.

A Home Health Aide- What do they do?

When you employ the services of a home health aide you should consider them from a reputed Home Health Care Miami Beach Centre. They should be of help in the following:

Bathing and dressing

Light housekeeping (laundry, vacuuming, etc.)

Medication monitoring

Grocery shopping

Meal planning and preparation

Transportation to doctor’s offices and other appointments

Companionship visits

Organization of schedules and appointments

Physical exercise and at-home therapy exercises

While there are no qualifications required for being a home health aide, there definitely should be a ‘DNA match’ between the patient and the caregiver. Most elderly patients are usually very particular about the kind of person they want for assistance. Therefore, look for a home health care Miami Beach centre that crosses their t’s and dots their i’s. Here is a lo-down on how to zero in on the best home health aide:

  1. Do the homework. Once you have decided on a particular home health care agency, look for additional literature that explains their services, requirements, fees, and funding sources. Ask for a detailed, ‘Patient Bill of Rights’ that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the providers, care recipients, and caregivers alike. Research their websites for annual reports and other educational materials which can provide helpful information about the provider

  2. The experience of the agency. In case the agency is relatively new but otherwise fits the bill, ask for the experience of the home health aide. A prior meeting with the patient can also determine the aide's ability to deal with them.

  3. Inquire if the agency has all the necessary certifications and qualifications.

  4. Inquire if the agency is licensed by the state.

  5. Ask your insurance carrier whether or not they will be covering the expenses of the treatment

  6. It is also in your best interest to state all your specific requirements for your patient beforehand. This will also help the agency to decide whether they have a person with the necessary qualification.

  7. You can look over their training and hiring policies

  8. Inquire if they perform a thorough background check on their staff before hiring them and if they regularly invest in their upskilling etc.

  9. The home health care agency should also have a written personal policy, benefits package and malpractice insurance

  10. You could also check if you require additional personnel to address specific needs or if all of it will be taken care of by the agency.

  11. You should also secure a written statement which explains all of their costs and payment plan options

  12. Inquire about the systematic operating procedure when handling an emergency.

  13. Last but not the least, ask about the timings of their services, if it is available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Some agencies do not provide the same or guarantee replacement coverage if the assigned aide is unable to come.

All these pointers should help you in your journey of finding the right home aide for your loved ones and possibly reduce your stress in the process.

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